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dd13 five minute writing


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My dd13 was perusing through the sample ballot pamphlet and she came up with this in 5 minutes typed. I only walked away to my bedroom to talk with hubby. Came back and smiled at me. Told me she had written something i could share with our homeschool group. I was floored this sounds so good. Tell me what you think!


Americans, stand together and vote YES on prop 37!


As everybody knows, it’s vital for our health to eat right. Why? To stay strong, to look beautiful, and to be our best!

And prop 37 can HELP us achieve that! Don’t we all want to eat organic foods, eat right, and know what’s in the food we eat?

Of course!

The thing about prop 37 is that it labels the packages of foods we buy every day, whether they’re really organic or they’re made with genetically engineered ingredients. But what is a genetically engineered organism? Also called a genetically modified organism (GMO), it is a plant’s or an animal’s genes that have been taken into a laboratory and its DNA have been messed around with. And then they put that into our food.

But WHO wants to eat THAT?

Already, many countries such as India, France, and Australia are labeling their foods and are choosing to eat right. This very moment!

All we need is YOUR vote in favor of prop 37! Label the food and KNOW what’s in it!

If you want to protect the earth and the environment, if you want to see your family enjoying a meal of wholesome goodness, if YOU want to make an impact and do something great for the people of the United States of America…

Vote YES on prop 37! Be an American!


This was written by dd, Supporter of the Cause, on 10/10/12

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