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World Growth Spurt Day

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Is your child growing normally?


On Sept. 28th, families throughout the world will be sending emails, posting to groups, putting up posters, handing out flyers....about the importance of keeping track of their child's growth. It is a monumental effort, but together we will change children's lives!

Why is children's growth so important?

Children's growth (how much they grow each year) is a major indicator of their overall health. If they are growing at least 2 inches each year (after the age of 2 and before puberty) it is a strong sign that they are healthy. If they are NOT growing this bare minimum, it can be an early warning sign of underlying health issues such as disease, tumors, nutritional problems, hormone imbalances or unidentified syndromes. Paying attention to those height markers made on walls by parents, and the growth charts at the physicians offices gives crucial information for catching problems in their early stages.

Many people do not realize the importance of this simple information. Consequentally children may struggle for years with an unhealthy body or serious problem which can be treated.



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