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Daily Journaling/Drawing for younger ages


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I remember when my oldest (turned 17 today!) was in K4, the did a daily journal in a regular composition book. In the beginning it was mostly drawings and narration written by the teachers, maybe just some simple labeling, and as time progressed inventive spelling and phonics would slowly appear. I really loved seeing these and having them later to look through and am trying to think about how to work these into our days for my prek-ish 4yo.


Do people have simple daily prompts or something for this? My dd is 4 and still progressing to drawing 'things' as opposed to just quickly scribbling a circle-dot and calling it something. She does get frustrated that she isn't able to draw what she wants to draw yet.


I really want to add this to our day without introducing frustrating and also without us both just looking at a blank page wondering what to write/draw. We've started a little bit of narration of the books we're reading, done 1x a week, but I want something a lot more open and free than that. Any suggestions?


Probably just a simple, just do it is in order most likely. But I'm reaching that point of doubting adding more to our days just because, but she is also asking for more to do and maybe this would be a nice addition.

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