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ALEKS full-credit ACE courses?

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I just signed my daughter up for a two month trial of ALEKS and I'm liking it so far. I see that they have "ACE Credit" classes, where some colleges (including the one we're shooting for) give college credit for completing. What do you think?


I'm also wondering if we could mirror the course that my daughter is taking at home and call it honors? For instance, if my daughter is doing Algebra 2 at home (Prentice Hall) and then also do the ALEKS Algebra 2 class- could I call it "Honors" Algebra 2 on her transcript?


Do any of you have any experience in these courses? What did you think? Thanks for your help!

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I am finishing my degree and was avoiding the math courses or CLEPs until I found ALEKS. It was SO helpful to me! I took two advanced Math courses with it during the free two-month trial, and earned 6 credits through ACE, which are accepted by my college. As soon as my daughter's ready to take these courses, I'm going to have her use ALEKS so she can earn the college credit as well (you know, kill two birds with one stone...)


As for your other question, I would say it depends on where the course comes from. I don't have the info in front of me, but there is a page that lists the high school Algebra courses, then the college Algebra courses. I'd say if it was listed under college it could definitely be honors. But as you mentioned, I would still have her use a textbook because I think using ALEKS is less about actually learning the material and more about testing out. (That's why it was good for me, as an adult student, because I remembered what I had previously learned. I don't think I could actually *learn* much from the program.)



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I think this year I am going to have her do the ALEKS Algebra 2 with Trig alongside her Prentice Hall Algebra 2 book and a tutor once a week, just to make sure there are no holes. I am not going to designate it "honors" although it probably is!!


I'm glad to know your thoughts on the ACE credit classes, I will definitely have my daughter do those as well, possibly with a tutor or an outsourced class to make sure everything is covered, She wants to be an engineer, so the math can't be skimped on, and I am not great at math! I made it through Alg 2 in college, and that's it, so I'm not much help.


Thanks so much for your help, sometimes it helps just to have someone else's input!

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