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?? about MOH3 + SOTW3 notebooking pages


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since there are no notebooking pages set up for a MOH 3 user, and since there are ABUNDANCE of SOTW3 notebooking pages both from the publisher as well as kind moms worldwide, i'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about taking a notebooking approach to MOH3....

i like the notebooking approach of SOTW etc and i have used both SOTW1 and 2 for the last 3 years. we're reading aloud MOH 3 now {into week 11} but i'm finding that it helps to supplement with audios in the car from SOTW chapters that apply and to utilize the free notebooking pages from the SOTW 2 and SOTW 3 i have found online.


but i'd love to have insight from someone who just used a notebooking approach to MOH 3 alone without the supplementation of SOTW 3 chapters. since the narration prompts offered on the companion cd and the yahoo user group are not nearly as well developed as those listed in the SOTW AG, i struggle to come up with pertinent ways to get my children to reflect. they are still young {2nd and 4th}, and only the 4th grader is really an avid history buff. we expand the subject matters with literature and other corresponding lit suggestions, and we do mapping etc etc etc. i just struggle to get a good flow/ mojo with the MOH style of pretest, quiz, random activity, awkward mapping assignments and no narration prompts provided directly on a ntoebooking page.


i'm not the type to design my own notebooking pages and as such have just adapted the beautiful pages of SOTW from other moms to the MOH so far.


is there anyone out there who can offer a little perspective or advice? i switched to MOH partially for a change of pace, and partially so that there was more content to read aloud without *having* to get books from the library each week. but now i found myself so accustomed to the flow and format of the SOTW that i don't feel like i am fully benefiting from using the MOH.



also, has anyone done an approach to history plans like carmen did with ancient explorations? has she continued making history plans for the subsequent SOTW volumes??


yes, that's a slew of questions. i just can't seem to get my brain wrapped around it.


thanks for advice! :bigear:

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