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handwriting question

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The only "school" my daughter has been to was one school year at a private school preschool when she was three, two days per week.



The good thing is that by the end of that year, we knew we'd homeschool.



The bad thing is that, at three, she seemed to be a lefty but at "school" the teacher told her she coulnd't use her left hand for things like writing and coloring, et c.



Naturally I told her she could use which ever hand she wanted but "Ms. Peavey said no!" got stuck. From then on my daughter wouldn't use her left hand.



I don't know if she would have been a leftie or not.


I do know that her handwriting is atrocious and always has been.



I always chalked this up to the unnatural forced dominance of her right hand.



I have always thought this. I thougth this all through learning to write in

English and all through learning to write in Latin (which is no different from learning to write in English). But now . . . !



My daughter is learning to write in (ancient) Greek. Do you want to guess? Yes, she has to concentrate and get it right and voila, her Greek hand is M.U.C.H! nicer than her English/Latin writing.



So now, all my assumptions about handedness have flown out the window and now I think it may have been a touch of laziness.



At this late date, though, what's to be done?

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