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Inspiring children to self-discipline (x-post with H-school board)

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What books & movies have been inspirational to your teens in respect to self-discipline? I have two teen boys who are like chalk and cheese in this matter. My 13-year old is quite capable when he wants to. I'm turning into the proverbial broken record and I'd like to show him some examples (good or bad) to illustrate what can be achieved when you motivate yourself .

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I haven't found a book or anything like that to help. We work on it yes, but at 13yo, my kid still needs guidance. We put a couple measures in place to keep him on the right path.


1. He has to fill out an action plan. My kid's a dreamer. He needs his feet grounded sometimes. Having him fill out a paper showing the steps he needs to take to achieve his goal helps him decide if it's worth it or not.


2. We set aside time for personal achievement every day. Yes, every day. Currently it's merit badges. He has to dedicate himself to a goal for half an hour. At 13, he can't see the long term is made up of miniscule steps. It's a right-now generation. He can see progress over time when he's been doing it for a while, though.


3. We show and tell. Family calendar on the wall - check. Thinking out loud -check. Setting aside time for personal achievement- check. If it's something that everyone in our family does then he looks oddball not doing it. We try to model how we go about from planning to implementing to working within our means.


More than that, I don't nag. I just make sure the opportunities are available and that he stays surrounded by motivated people.

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