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Need help choosing Science


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My kids are going into 4th, 3rd, K & pre-K this year. We are (loosely) using much of the memory work content from Classical Conversations (in addition to several other things :)), & I really don't think I have time or energy to do a whole separate science curriculum. So at first I thought we will just do the CC memory work each week & i will delve a little deeper into that week's content (plant/animal classification, parts of a flower, volcanos, etc, for example). I will have my older two create science notebooks as we go. As I'm planning, however, I'm realizing it would be REALLY helpful to have a one-source go-to -- I'm picturing possibly a curriculum that I can pick and choose weekly discussions (& possibly activities/experiments), without having to necessarily have to do the entire curriculum, and possibly not in the order it's written.


Does that make sense? Am I living in a fantasy world? :)


I welcome any suggestions!


Thanks in advance!


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If you are looking for a Christian Publisher I would say Apologia Elementary series or god's design would be great for just reading and doing projects if you want.


Thank you! I have been considering Apologia ~ but CC covers such a broad range of topics in one year, while Apologia delves deeply into one subject at a time (a whole year on botany, for instance). I do love how thorough it is, but for now I think I just want to touch on the topics, and delve deeper maybe in the middle school years.


I hadn't heard of the other curriculum ... we are believers, but my husband would prefer we try to avoid the young earth-old earth conversation until we've covered the basics a bit more (again, perhaps in middle school).




Anyone else?

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