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Phonics Road vs. Logic of English


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Anyone want to help me compare them? I thought I was sold on PR but then I saw LOE and I'm wondering if it might not be a better fit. Here are the issues with both best I can tell.


PR Pros:

-Well laid out and thorough, no gaps

-Includes lit analysis in level 2

-Rule tunes (which I think DS will love; doesn't look like I can get these without getting the whole program)


PR Cons:

-Editing required to keep it secular (I've seen the threads on religious content in level one and I think we'll be okay, I'm more concerned with the later levels--can't seem to find info on them)

-DS is accelerated but I'm worried about hitting level 3 too early as it sounds like it ramps up the writing requirements.

-Have to watch the videos :(


LOE Pros:


-Game Packet (DS loves games, we play a lot of Right Start math games)


LOE Cons:

-No lit analysis (maybe there's another option for that?)

-More planning on my part? Sounds like I'd need to stretch out the book for 2 1/2 years or so and then move on to something like MCT.


Anyone seen both? Thoughts? I have a very bright 5 year old who reads at a 3rd grade level. Regardless of which we go with, we'll be starting after the first of the year and I'm really looking for a plan to get through to something like MCT. I'm planning to spend the next few months teaching him cursive (NAC) as I think it will be more effective given his neurological imbalance issues. So I've got a little time. Both programs are $$ so I don't really want to end up with both :tongue_smilie:

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