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Meaningful Comp vs Writing With Skill

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I've had good intentions but have completely neglected writing during ds's education. Before we started, he was able to write beautiful sentences, and I felt he wasn't developmentally ready for paragraphs and longer passages. My intention last year was to get him started on outlining, organizing thoughts, and paragraph writing. It just didn't happen. He will be in 3rd grade this year, and I know he's ready for the next step.


I've been considering Meaningful Comp or Writing With Skill. I realize that DIY just doesn't happen for us. I need something laid out that I can just follow along with. Ds isn't a fan of writing but learns quickly. I plan to go slowly with whatever we choose, perhaps taking two years to do one year's curriculum.


Any advice about which program to choose? I like the samples of both and can't decide. Does one work better than another for a young accelerated learner?

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I just watched SWB's Youtube video about WWS, and I think we'll start with MC this year. I thought both programs were approx 4th grade, but it sounds like WWS is more advanced than that. The TOC of WWS really appeals to me because it shows how to teach "writing across the curriculum." My current plan is to go with MC and sub out a later year of MC with WWS.

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I'm doing something similar, except with IEW instead of MC (IEW is just a better fit for my DS). I plan to use it for 3rd and 4th (writing across curriculum since I got TWSS), and then we'll do WWS in 5th. I think this plan will work well. IEW has my son writing paragraphs each week, learning different techniques).

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