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Sending cards/notes to young service friends -- suggestions?

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We have three dear young people serving in the military; I can't tell you exactly where they are in their training process; I know they are all past "basic" and we can definitely send them cards and notes. What do I need to know? I remember reading somewhere that the guys especially did NOT like for their cards or notes to be embellished with "cuteness" but beyond that I'm not sure if there are preferences or restrictions.


I do know that if I want to tuck something in the card, I can, but it has to be either just one serving (like a Gatorade single serve packet) OR it has to be enough to share.


I would LOVE to send care packages but I can't afford to right now; however, I'd still love suggestions for future reference. I'll print out your ideas and put them in my card box.



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We've been a military family for 11 years....


I don't know who told you no cuteness, but they are full of it ;-). They love anything you can send. I know my husband enjoyed letters that included a picture, drawings, anything! Kids drawings were especially loved. Gatorade was always appreciated, those little handwarmer pouches (it gets cold at night if they are on shift), fruit leather, jokes, comics.


The only things you can't send are alcohol/liquids, porn and pork products.

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And it is always nice to send something to share, but you can't always feed the whole battalion! I often send homemade cookies (pack it with a slice of bread!) which is enough to share with a few people. I've never had any complaints. Basically, the point is, don't NOT send because you are unsure, they will know they are loved, and have brains to make do with what they get and not be offended :-)

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