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If you used BJU Math 7 -- a question about progression

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If you used BJU Fundamentals of Math 7 as a review of mathematics, did you feel the need to do pre-algebra following that, or were you able to go right to algebra 1?

The end of the BJU 7 seems to be pre-algebra, so if you complete that, is it enough preparation to jump right into algebra 1?

Not talking about a math-intuitive kid here, just an average kid math-wise who doesn't enjoy math and feels he's not very good at it (he's better than he thinks he is). (same with the mom, he he)

Many thanks.

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For my average math ds I did BJU pre-algebra. You do get a intro to Algebra at the end of Math 7 but it is only an introduction. In Pre-Algebra you spend half the year on Algebra concepts and half with a math review. My non math son needed the extra review and the baby steps with Algebra. Even my son who is a math whiz took pre-algebra, he just moved at a faster pace.

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