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Is anyone familiar with the Math Essentials books?


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Here is the website. The books are highly rated on Amazon (and inexpensive!). Heart of Dakota has selected their algebra program as one of their options, which is where I learned about them. I really like their concise presentation, but would love to hear from someone who has actually used them.
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I noticed this recommendation from HOD as well. I ordered the Mastering Math Essentials (Middle School/High School) book for my 6th grader who was finishing Singapore as review and I've really liked it so far.


I'm also curious to hear from others who might have some input about the Pre-Algebra program and whether or not it truly is a stand-alone product. I think the Algebra program is brand new.

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The Math Essentials for Middle School/High School seems to be comparable to a review book. Each day has a quick review of arithmetic using a wheel model (you write in the number to be multiplied/added in the center of the wheel), a review set of problems, and a new concept with a problem set. At this level, there isn't much depth. It takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. I love this for additional work (in addition to PM Singapore) as it helps with the review I really do feel is lacking for my child. I'm guessing the Algebra series has more teaching and less review but I haven't seen samples. I think it might make a really good addition to the DM series but I don't think I'd feel comfortable using this as my sole teaching method (at least during the Middle School years). Have you been able to locate a sample of the Algebra book?


Here is a link to the Math Essentials Website for samples: http://www.mathessentials.net/pdf/middle_school/book2_samples.pdf


The Pre-Algebra Book is sampled here: http://www.mathessentials.net/pdf/pre_algebra/pre_sample.pdf


This book looks to be more of a stand-alone and has more depth!

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