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Anyone do Medical Transcript work?

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How did you go about getting into it? Did you go through an online school or a CC?


I want to make sure it is a legit school before I enroll, so if any of you have done the online school please let me know who you used. found an online school which will run $995 for the course, I don't know if that is a good deal or not. ( http://www.futuremt.com/ )


Are you doing well with your job? Are you working from home? Was it easy to find work? Is the pay worth it? My youngest will graduate in 4yrs so I would love to find something at home for now and then maybe go out and find a job--that is if the home job isn't paying off.


Any advice/suggestions?

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I do general transcription and that's what I would recommend -- no schooling involved. You can PM me for more information, but this week/weekend I'm so swamped that I probably can't get back to you until next week. I can give you two sites that will give you more information about transcription.





You'll need to register for transcription essentials (it's free) and it has a wealth of information. I would recommend just searching their archives to learn more about transcription. They also have some medical transcriptionists on there.

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Guest smith_emma

I’m currently looking into CareerStep medical transcription training program that’s offered online, which means we don’t need to spend time and money in commuting! I’ve heard the course takes up to 4-5 months to complete and is completely career-focused. I believe you’re doing the right thing by choosing this career path because it gives you a chance to work from home without neglecting your home and kids and brings in some extra bucks at the same time. Find out everything by visiting http://www.careerstep.ca/medical-transcription-editing. All the best!

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