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SotW Volume 2 Integrated Reading


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Doing some planning for SotW Volume 2 next year, integrated reading. I will have a 2nd grader and a 4th grader. Last year, we did a lot of integrated reading. LOVED it, but there were limited options for ancients. We love historical fiction, as well as things like children's classics. Last year, we found some gems, but also a few ho-hum reads (A Place in the Sun, and Maia of Thebes kinda flopped, while Mary Pope Osborne's children's version of The Odyssey and the D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths were huge hits, and the kids learned a lot.) But my kids generally enjoy historical fiction, such as the American Girl books.


I found this list: http://bookgirl3.tripod.com/middleages.htm which looks like a great resource but too many to choose from. Anyone have any big recommendations?


Any great, accessible versions of King Arthur Legends, Robin Hood, etc. would also be fantastic. Anything period-topical with non-European settings would also be fantastic.


Thanks in advance!

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We are doing TOG year 2 this year and I add SOW with it for my younger daughter - she is going into the 2nd grade. TOG has book lists for each year based on children's ages. There are some great books in year 2 that go with SOW year 2. If you are interested in it you can go to bookshelf central website and pull up a list of books (lower grammar for 1st and 2nd grade). There are some great ones in upper grammar as well, but you would have to do as a read aloud. I am looking forward to History this year, I love the stories of Arthur and Robin Hood! Good luck finding your books, it is a great time in History!

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