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MUS math?

Guest SCaton-2012

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MUS is a visual, manipulative based approach to learning math. It is also mastery based. At 5th grade, if your child has mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, you will most probably move into Epsilon which covers fractions. If you are coming from a spiral approach (or even many conceptual programs), you might be confused with how easy the first few lessons are. They truly start at the beginning of fractions with visual fraction overlays. I think they are genius. My dd completed through Singapore 6A and did not truly understand fractions. She is finding common denominators now on Lesson 5 using the fraction overlays and having many ahaa moments (even though she could find common denominators quickly on paper, she didn't really understand them until now). What specific questions do you have? What is your child's previous math history?


By the way, the best way to really understand MUS is to go to the website and look at sample lessons, videos, books, etc. I've spoken with customer service in the past and they really helped me to understand where to start.

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