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What's your favorite book right now?

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Have you recently read a book that you love? Share it! I am looking for more reading recommendations. I recently enjoyed Stephenie Meyer's "The Host" for some nice beach reading, and I am enjoying a couple new installments in YA series that I am following. I am also eying "An Uncommon Reader" by Alan Bennett. Has anyone else read that?



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I haven't seen the one's you mentioned, but I just finished the second book in a new trilogy by Stephen Lawhead. He has taken the legend of Robin Hood and moved it into a Celtic setting putting in all the tensions between Saxon/Briton/Norman (Ffreinc) populations and nobility. It truly is fascinating in a fictional historical fantasy sort of way. ;) The first one is Hood, the second is Scarlet, but unfortunately I have to wait until next year for him to finish writing and publish the third.:glare: Happy reading!

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Oh, that sounds great! I love historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mysteries...all of it. The only thing I am not really loving are the very drama-heavy (as in emotional) literary fiction. They tend to make me cry uncontrollably, which I would rather not do. :-)


I will put that book on hold - thanks!

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