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If we ever make it to the end of OPG what reading level would my ds be at?

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We are slowly making our way through OGP. We will be starting on lesson 89 today and I was just wondering if we ever make it through the whole book what reading level would my ds be at? He is 7 now and although he is making progress it is very slow. I sometime just want to give up and do whole langauge with him but I know that would open a whole other can of worms. I just keep telling myself one day will come when he doesn't have to sound out every single word he comes too.!

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The back cover says that OPGTR teaches beginning vowel sounds through words on a 4th-grade level. However, I think it depends on the reading strength of each child in order to determine what reading level they are at. I've used the 4th grade level words as a guideline to how fast I should progress through OPGTR. In the beginning, I didn't think OPGTR was working very well because it has taken my youngest son a fair amount of time to move through this book. I soon realized that he is only going to be in the 1st grade next year, so it's reasonable to expect a slower progress since the book ends with 4th grade level words. I'm sure some children can move more quickly though. We will take at least 2 years (or longer) to go through all 231 lessons.

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