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S/O: Secular HSers & Conventions

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Ok so I have read with great interest the thread about starting a new conference that is academically focused rather than religiously focused. I have struggled with this too. I want to learn all I can about HSing and be the best teacher I can be. I don't need a sermon on any religious stuff.


One of the things I need is to be able and sit down and hold the curriculum in my little hands and thumb thru it!!! the internet previews just don't cut it for me, especially if I'm thing about dropping over $100 on one program. Currently I am thinking about switching math curriculum for DD. I would like to have a curriculum review option. Where I can actually sit down and compare Saxon 5/4 with TT4 & Horizons 3 or 4 and whatever else I might delve into. This is what I spent most of last year trying to do at my state convention, but no single vendor had all 3 math currics that I could review.


I live in GA and the GHEA conference is big and all, but seems poorly organized IMHO. If you want to go to the used book sale, you miss out on a ton of speakers. Also the used book sale needs to be towards the end of the conference. You know, so you have time to research the currics and then go try to buy it used. Last year it was total chaos at the sale. I have gone for 2 yrs now and this year have decided to go toe Greeneville for GHC b/c it seems better organized.


So I wonder if we could get publishers/vendors to come and do a curriculum "look & see". I have experience organizing a small 150 person conference in a small town, so i know there is a LOT that goes into planning an event, but if we don't demand change, change is never gonna happen. I'd be willing to participate in the planning. So who's on board? Lets do this!

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Well, great idea and questions! The biggest homeschool convention in my state won't allow the curricula I use (and most people on this board use) to have a vendor booth at their convention because it's not "Christian enough." If you get something together, that would be great. Hoping others have ideas. :)

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