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HS Newbies and frustrated oldies need to read


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IN hind sight, this would have been better than sonlight K. I was just too scared to try on my own.


But after that year, this is basically what we did with 3 under age 5.

Eventually we added FLL and FIAR to get a bit more direction but even that could have easily waited till the oldest was 7.

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Thank-you for drawing my attention to those. I had entirely skipped over that thread. The plan Carol laid out is exactly what I've been working on with my children (work in progress - need to read aloud more, be a little more active) but I have really been needing encouragement in doing so because I start to feel at times that if I'm not working through someone else's planned curriculum and schedule then perhaps we're not making progress. I've taken up the suggestion to journal what we do each day to help.

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