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A Writing with Skill question for 7th grade

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We have been using WWS this year in 6th grade. It has been wonderful! I am so grateful that it has given my son experience reading, understanding, and following directions. He has had to do some growing up this year, (the kind of maturing that logic thinking requires) and WWS has been instrumental in helping with this.


I need some help planning 7th grade writing. My plan (for the moment) is for my ds to practice writing with me the rest of 6th grade and in 7th. Then in 8th, he will take an outsourced English Comp class with our local home school covering.... if he seems ready.


English Comp will require reading novels, answering lit comprehension questions, reviewing mechanics and grammar, and writing several kinds of essays. I need to have ds ready for this class, and I have 7th grade left for this.


Ds used IEW history themed writing lessons in 4th. We used SWB's middle school writing in 5th, and we're using WWS in 6th. I'm unsure if we should continue WWS in 7th simply because I don't know if he will learn the skills that will be required for the 8th grade outsourced class. Maybe if he went through all the levels of WWS he might cover these skills.... I just don't know. The time seems so limited to need to practice so much.


I'm considering a move back to SWB's middle school writing. That was our best year with writing. I've also looked at Jensen's Format Writing as a way to guide me... a spine to help me guide him so that we hit the high points. I'm also considering Killgallon to supplement. I need him to write some 3 and 5 paragraph essays next year so that he understands basic paragraph/essay construction, supporting details, transitions, mature word choice, etc... I don't mean that he needs to master these things.... just to have a working knowledge of them. It would also help to write about the history and science that he would study daily.... writing becomes relevent to every day school experiences. I am planning to use Analytical Grammar as well.


I know WWS is brand new, and none of us has seen the 2nd volume. But, if we were to continue with WWS, can anyone tell me how it might help us with these skills that I need for ds to cover in 7th grade before this outsourced 8th grade class? Would it mean getting through all of the levels of WWS?


I would be so grateful for your help.

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Thank you both so much for replying!


I have been looking around to see what else might help ds...


SWB's Middle School Writing

Essentials in Writing

Winning with Writing



I really appreciate the scope and sequence posted for WWS. The colored levels would stand for the different volumes, I gather. I'm just a bit concerned that WWS won't hit the skills ds will need to practice in 7th to be ready for the outsourced class in 8th. If ds had the time to stay the course, then I would not have this delimma at all. I would prefer to continue with WWS.


Jensen's can be dry, I've read, so I'm glad there are a few more to consider.

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