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Please tell me MUS.....


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does more than subtraction in Beta! I feel like we are missing out on so much. No time, no money, no measuring, no geometry.:glare:

I am using Alpha. I love the blocks and the lessons, but there is more to math than adding!

Please tell me Beta steps up and does more than addition and subtraction because if it doesn't, I'm going back to CLE.

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The scope and sequence of each book is on their web site. Beta does touch on money, time, ordinal numbers, perimeter, and a few other things, but it is primarily addition and subtraction. Gamma is primarily multiplication; Delta focuses on division.


So it never teaches the other concepts?:confused:

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Well, it's mastery. So, you master basically one (big) concept in each book. But, you review what is already mastered. So, Beta will focus on subtraction but have addition review included. Gamma will focus on multiplication but include some addition & subtraction review and so on. To really benefit from a mastery program....you almost need to use it from beginning to end (or at least to the end). If you do yearly testing with your state, you might have gaps. It's been awhile since we tried MUS, so I can't remember how much instruction in time, money, ect are included.

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I just got our Beta books and these are the lessons

1. Place value

2. Sequencing

3. Inequalities

4. Round to 10

5. Muliti digit add

6. Skip count 2

7. Regrouping

8. Skip count 10, coins

9. Skip count 5, nickel

10. Money

11. Round to 100

12. Add Money

13. Column add

14. Measure: foot

15. Perimeter

16. 1000s

17. round to 1000s

18. Muti digit column 1

19. Mulit digit column 2

20. Mult digit subtract

21. Time: Minutes

22.. Regrouping

23 Time: Hours

24. Subtract 3 digits

25. Ordinal numbers

26. Subtract Money

27. Subtract 4 digit

28 Subtract mult digit

29. Read Guages

30. Graphs


Hope that helps. The lessons are alot different than Alpha

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