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Help with Math for 2nd Semester

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I know there are tons of post about math, but I need some help in how to move forward. I am combining math for my 2nd and 3rd graders. We have done a mix of different curriculum's, trying to find the right mix. It seems that my kids do best with some review each day. We left off over break with starting to learn our Multiplication facts. I am now wondering how to proceed forward. I like the review of Horizons, but am afraid it isn't the best program since it doesn't get a lot of mentions on here. I do have Math Mammoth, but the review is minimal. I want to use the best program that will help them have a great understanding of concepts. Which should I choose? Horizons 3 B or MM 3B? Also, I am afraid I have messed up their year now since I have switched curriculum's and they have missed some stuff. Ugh. Thanks for all the help.

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