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Help! Going to Germany in March.

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I'm flying over to Germany w/DD5 and DS (will be 6 months) in March. I haven't visited in 10 yrs. My best friend is stationed there, so we'll have a home base and we have our "to visit" list, but....I need help with some things.


Do you have any hotel recommendations for Munich? I would like to be in the Marienplatz area.


How about hotels in Rothenburg? The Gasthof goldener Greifen and the Kloster-Stueble are possibilities from my internet searching.


I desperately need to brush up on my German. I still have my textbooks from college, but I need help with words that will be useful. When I read/hear German it's familiar, I just can't seem to remember!


I also need some help with words/phrases that will be helpful for DD. I know danke is a given, but is there a formal way she should say it?


Any tips on managing w/an infant would be wonderful as well. I've got weather gear down since we're in WNY and before that we were in NE. No stroller, just an Ergo. And we're only taking carry-ons since we can get any sundries on base, and my friend has carseats for us there.


We have non-stop flights (yay!) both ways, and the one on the way out leaves at 11:30pm - both kids should be able to sleep. I nabbed the 2 seats that are by the window, so we won't have to deal w/row sharing.


Thank you!!!

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