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Pulling 1 Up, and Pushing 1 Back ! Combining.


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I am going to attempt it. I have bounced back and forth on my decision, and keep coming back to combining them for History, Science and Read Alouds. I use Sonlight Core Only ( secularly ) And TWTM for all subjects including history ( so we are doubling up with CHOW and SOTW, I love them both ) and Read Alouds ( they are all to good to miss ).


If I continue with these two just 21 months apart, with 2 cores, and 2 cycles of TWTM history and science I am sure I will go nuts. I have been here before, but that was 20 years ago. LOL Back then I had three on different levels and tons more energy.


I know Emma can handle K next year, not sure how Quince will handle going backwards. Of course I will keep them both on their own phonics, readers, math, language arts, writing, handwriting, & etc. They already do Latin together and Spelling together.


Tell me I am not crazy. LOL I just hope that my boy will handle this well, and not be bored to death, as he is a huge discipline problem when he is bored. Emma is quickly catching up to him in level.


I need to :chillpill: and just try it. Life would be so much easier on ME ! I am already kicking and screaming all the way.

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