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Explain Illuminations please ...


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As I understand it is a combination of resources. How so? Is it just language arts?


I was looking at the new Bright Ideas site today. I wanted to download MOH notebook pages. I was sidetracked - obviously.


I tried to search on the board, but it only confused me more.


As I understood it is a guide for the complete study for the year. But, of what? I get that it contains literature, but does it expand on other subject areas? Does it have any worksheets?


I think you get where I am going. What is it? How do you use it?



And, geesh, I just realized that they had science! Humph!

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Guest MelissaCraig

Hi Chrissy!


Illuminations is an all-inclusive curriculum. (except math, lol) They provide schedules for all of your disciplines - you buy the books. It is classically oriented, using The Mystery of History and All American History as the spine. Years 1, 2 and 3 use MOH I, II and III. In year 4, it shifts to All American History. (Year 4 is being released right now - the first semester is currently available) Year 5 will use the All American History, Volume 2 and Year 6 will use MOH IV.


The meat of the program is in its rich literature study guides for books that complement the history program - and there are Family Study Guides - for family read-alones, and Read-Alone Guides - for books that students can read on their own. Selections vary from non-fiction to fiction.


As far as the schedules, there are options within many of the disciplines - to suit your family's needs - Winston Grammar or Easy Grammar; Foundations in Writing or Write Shop. You choose what YOU need- or you can use just the history and literature - that is worthwhile on its own. And because the schedules are on-line, you can type in your math or other studies into the blank spots, and delete any schedule lines that you don't need.


The program is designed for grades 3-8, but there is an Early Learner's program that comes with the 3-8 grade. There is also a separate High School option that even includes a program for Life Skills so that by the time your students graduate, they'll be able to cook, plan a menu, budget their money and change the oil in their car.


Phew - that was a lot of information - I hope it was helpful!!

Here's a link to the Illuminations site: http://illuminations.brightideaspress.com/


And here's a link to LOADS of downloadable samples:






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Thank you for the examples. I was looking towards Year 2. I wish that I had seen Year 1 this summer.


I was looking for examples and trying to find a way to better understand what exactly was included. The examples have helped very much to do just this.


I just found the science. I am still very pleased to have found it. :)


Again, thank you for your time!

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