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College Pathways programs. (S/O-cyber schools and classes at PS threads)

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We found this program this year and it is absolutely fabulous! My two older kids are enrolled. The teachers are amazing. I know the tone is rather negative towards cyber schools in general. I'm wondering what the Hive thinks about this type of program.



College Pathways is a unique secondary school, that helps parents provide their children quality pre-collegiate (junior high and high school level) educational options augmented with free early college options for college-ready high school students.


College Pathways seeks to retain the essence of home education by expanding opportunities for advanced education and career preparation at an affordable price.


College Pathways is an innovative alliance between TCA and Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC); a first of its kind partnership in the nation, which allows our students to continue to enjoy their home school education, and augment that education through courses available in a variety of formats. Because our campus is co-located with PPCC, we deliver an educational experience with unique scheduling flexibility and college & career preparation in a safe and supportive learning environment, with access to a seamless, tuition-free transition through high school to college.


College Pathways offers both part-time and full-time options for families who are seeking academic excellence. Our college-preparatory curriculum is delivered through a hybrid online model, combining both classroom and online instruction. This prepares students for high school and college level content. College ready high school students can also qualify for dual enrollment college level courses at PPCC to earn high school credits toward a diploma as well as free college credits toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree—at the same time!

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