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Where to start with Greek? (with a little Latin thrown in)


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I have looked at a lot of the threads, but still felt I needed to make a post. Thanks for indulging me! :001_smile:


I have a 13-yr old dd, going into 8th grade. She really wants to study Greek. She has studied a very little bit of Latin. (Currently, we're using GSWL, very gently. But, she's had exposure through a co-op to vocabulary, some roots, and Prima Latina work. A very little bit of Latin over a very many years.)


Meanwhile, I really want her to work on Latin in order to continue to progress there and for all the obvious benefits. And then, add the Greek. The question is how much & when (and what).


I was looking into Latin programs (and posted here re feedback - thank you!). I decided that for Latin, we have just too much on our plate (this year) to attack it in a way that I think it needs to be attacked (via online class) if you're serious. (She has a lot of extra-curricular going on this year that are great opportunities we can't pass up, but also leave less time for schooling. But, that's also why we home school. To have time for these other things!) At any rate, I realized that an online class w/ Wheelock (1st choice) is not the smart move for this year. But, the goal for the year after this one, when she's in 9th grade. SO, I decided to just keep up w/ GSWL this year (maybe add something else, if we have time, dabble online w/ Cambridge games, etc), keep it light, and let her start w/ Greek. (We're studying Greeks/Romans in history this year, and we'll get a LOT of exposure to the history/culture.)


So, now the question is about Greek! Where would you start if you had an older child who wanted to learn Classic Greek (not modern or koine)? She has read up a bit and wants to start with Ancient Greek. (I understand the further back you go, the harder it is. Sigh. But, it's easier to go from Ancient to Koine vs the reverse?) I have seen references to Ancient, Classic and Attic Greek (and of course, Koine). I guess we're looking at one of the first three? We also need a gentle and independent-learning approach. DVDs/CDs would be fine, too. Just not time to keep up w/ an online class. (And, should involve very little help from me!)


The plan after 8th grade (this coming year) is to go w/ online courses for Latin & Greek. Either 2 years of Latin (9th/10th) w/ online courses (Wheelock) and then 2 years of Greek (11th/12th) w/ online courses (Athenaeze). Or, start Latin in 9th and continue and add Greek in 10th. Depends on how well she does, how far she wants to go in each, and what the schedule looks like.(She has also studied Spanish w/ Rosetta Stone and will likely keep that up.) She does like languages.


So, what advice would you have as to where to start this year (with Greek)? We have zero experience w/ Greek. I looked at Galore Park, Classical Greek for Beginners. It looked very doable, logical and well laid out. Has anyone used that?


She has a sense of humor, so if there is something of quality that teaches to the student and covers the material well, and has a sense of humor, she'd love that.


(Also, do you recommend Latin Prep from the same co? Could she do both, at her own pace for 8th grade? We could work on and finish out GSWL this summer, as one option.)


Thanks so much for any seasoned advice!


Oh, as for time spent per day, I'd say she has about 20-30 minutes per language per day this coming year, with her schedule; but that's on a good day. Perhaps it's safer to say she'd have about 1.5 hours per week to devote to each language. (And some of that might be car-schooling this year!)


Thank you for helping!!!



PS I still need to talk w/ dd about "why" she wants to learn Greek. I know this will impact our course. She is VERY interested in Greek culture and Ancient History and this may be part of it. And, she insists she wants to learn Greek. No question there. (I know it's hard!) (She is fine learning Latin, too.) It is quite possible she might go into the Classics as a major. Hard to say. She is gifted with lots of "interests"... arts, music, science, literature....loves to travel and likes the idea of solving problems. :auto:


Thanks again!:bigear:

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