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Anyone else in/near Brownsville, Texas?

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Hi, all,


So glad I found these forums!


I'm a homeschool mom to an almost-7-year-old DD. We live on the border of Texas/Mexico, and although we connect occasionally with the (very) few hs groups I've found in the area, we haven't run across anyone else doing secular classical.


Honestly, before we started this adventure, I assumed homeschoolers were homeschoolers. I mean, we're such a tiny subset of the general population, I figured we all had something enormous in common. What a surprise to find there are so many groups-within-groups... I wonder if it's the same everywhere as it appears to be here, where groups tend to be exclusive?


-Knitting and edifying in Brownsville, Texas



McGuffey's, FLL, Saxon + Singapore, SOTW, Mama-devised spelling and copywork (just started supplementing with Spelling Workout), freewheeling science, jiu jitsu, and book after book after book...

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