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Foerster Alg & Trig edition?

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What edition do I need and where can I find it?


I've searched the forums and found where someone recommended a 1994 edition. The text ISBN # listed was 0-201-32460-1, and there is now a corresponding 10 & 13-digit ISBN... very confusing. Anyway, I'm having a hard time finding these. There is a 1994 solutions manual on AbeBooks for over $100. The books are listed on Kolbe (don't know anything about Kolbe) but they don't list ISBNs, so I'm not sure of the edition.


I'm just wondering if I need to stick with this edition. Is this the best for some reason?



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We're almost done with Foerster Algebra I and have loved it!


When I did all my Algebra research a year ago or so, I came to the conclusion that the different versions were pretty much the same and not to sweat the specific versions. So I went to http://www.pearsonschool.com/ and ordered the book and the solutions manual and found that it has worked perfectly.


Part of the reason I ordered straight from the publisher is so I could be sure to get a matching student textbook and solutions manual without having to find the needle in the haystack. Solutions manuals can be expensive to buy used.


You just need to register as a homeschool on the website and you will be allowed to buy the solutions manual and the teacher's manual if you want.


Our book is called Prentice Hall Classics, Algebra I. The ISBN is 0131657089. I just looked on the website and I don't see this specifically, but they may have reprinted for various reasons. Just make sure it is by Foerster.



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