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3rd/4th science-does this exist?


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Is there any science that is similar to truthquest style? Meaning that it goes through a list of all science subjects that would be studied in a textbook and has a book list to go into further detail?


Otherwise I might want to use a spine and then add in books from the library. What science spines would be good for these ages? Would prefer christian based but haven't found very many resources, especially for something that would cover a complete scope and sequence similar to public school.


We would have the base spine and could add in experiments and books as time allows.

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I am using Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space next year, and while the book comes with a good curriculum, lab projects, worksheets, vocabulary, and such, there is also a resource list as well as literature list for each of the units. I haven't used it yet, but just by looking at it, I am very impressed with it. It's also very reasonably priced!

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