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Oh my goodness! It's on of THOSE days!!!!

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UGH!!! It's 11:30 and it seems like we haven't accomplished anything today! We didn't get everything finished yesterday because it was dh's birthday. So today my house is a wreck and we have extra school work to get done and church is at 6:30. Dd14 has finished her work independently (YEAH!!!) and is now helping with the house work. Dd13 has locked herself away in a quiet place (which is a VERY hard place to find) and is working on her math & writing. Ds10 has finished everything but history (which we will do together) and science and is now helping with the housework and trying to keep ds1 occupied & happy. Dd 8 is supposed to be doing 2 math pages independently, but will not focus!!! I think this is what is driving me NUTS right now! She is working on fact families...she knows how to do them...we went over them this morning again and she had no trouble...but as soon as I walk away, she quits working and "doesn't know" what 12-1=! Dd4 is really bored! She doesn't want to play w/ any of her toys or read any of her books. She feels left out when everyone is busy w/ school work and mom can't play right now. I can't even put in a movie for her because it will be too distracting for everyone else! ACK!!!! I just feel like I'm stretched too thin right now!


Ok, after reading what I just typed, I guess we have accomplished something today. Maybe it's the house. It looks like a tornado hit it! So that added to the chaos of kids that wont focus and little ones w/ spring fever but no one to take them outside this morning is just pushing me over the edge! Thank you for letting me vent. I feel a little bit better.

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