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CPO physical science vs. BJU physical science

Which would you use for 8th grade physical science? (chem/physics)  

  1. 1. Which would you use for 8th grade physical science? (chem/physics)

    • CPO 8th grade physical science
    • BJU 9th grade physical science

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I'm asking for a direct comparison between these two physical science classes. ETA: There have also been other posts about BJU physical science. Maybe just a little more discussion may help everyone interested.


I would use the CPO 8th grade version. BJU is really for 9th grade.


We would be taking Algebra I at the same time. Math gets done but isn't easy.


I am mainly asking for this comparison because I've read many times that it is very helpful to have a strong physical science (chemistry/physics) background BEFORE starting high school biology. I'm trying to make sure I pick a strong (enough) physical science.


I've wondered what constitutes a strong chemistry. I think this might mean things like.....atoms, electrons, electron levels, bonding, compound formation, physical/chemical properties of elements..... things I've gathered from reading posts here.



I like CPO.... I think dd would like it too. The text is straightforward and eye-catching. BUT... I would have to tweek the experiments because CPO equipment is SO expensive. It is written ON 8th grade level. It is not clear to me if there is enough chemistry. Several of you have had success with this! I'm just double checking.


I like BJU....It is organized, and we will complete BJU 7th grade Life Science, so the layout and teaching methods will be familiar. It is not clear if dd would like it or not. It is written for 9th grade. I am VERY concerned that this will take more time than I want for science. I am concerned that this class will be too much...... yet, other 8th graders have used this. This is why I'm asking.:tongue_smilie:


I have a strong feeling we'll go with CPO, but I really want help making direct comparisons between these two physical sciences.

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Help for any others who are considering BJU physical science
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