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Comforter and dog hair ?

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My DS had been using my old comforter from when I was a kid for his entire life. It was a dark blue comforter, but after 20 years of service it just wasn't holding up anymore.


So I went and purchased him a new comforter, also dark blue. It's been a month and I already can't stand it. We have a yellow lab mix. She doesn't get on the bed (and is rarely in the room), but there is still hair all over it! It looks terrible and is all ready trying to fall apart so washing it every week isn't really an option.


My DS has severe dust allergies and a bit of a dog allergy (yes, we still have one though). I really would rather his bed not be covered in hair. And I need a comforter that can stand being washing once a month on hot.


Okay, so after all that, my question is, "Why did the dog hair not really stick to the old comforter, but it all over this new one?" I'm sort of thinking that maybe the old comforter was made out of cotton, but this one is a cotton/polyester blend. I don't really know though.


Any suggestions?

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