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Writing with Ease vs. Writing Tales


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Can anyone compare the two. I have used WWE 2 and are in WWE 3, but we are hitting a wall. My ds is still having trouble coming up with a cohesive summary. He can summerize in his head as far as I can tell but putting it into words is another thing. Sometimes it's great, but sometimes it's like pulling teeth. Is it better to just have him write it out? I have heard such good things about writing tales... and I must confess I am tempted to try it. The only thing that holds me back is the philosophy on children's writing in the WWE fundamentals book:tongue_smilie:. Any advice? He is in 4th grade and we started homeschooling last year.

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In WT he will be required to retell the whole story in his own words.


Here are some other similar threads-

http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=93298&highlight=WWE+WT (I love bringing up old threads where I can't spell :glare:, wow I should reread before I post:001_huh:)





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WT is sold as a complete L.A. curriculum but it does acknowledge that people will use it differently - some will add, some will use it as-is (and I don't think I read this in the books or on the site, but some people do just use parts of it). As written, it incorporates spelling, dictionary skills & vocab, writing, and grammar. Some of these are covered much lighter than I prefer, but I'm pretty type A about double & triple checking to make sure everything is covered, reviewed, and reviewed some more. It is a thorough curric., esp. a child who doesn't have any problems in spelling (not that a separate spelling program is too time-consuming). I may be missing something b/c I'm in a hurry at the moment & don't have them right in front of me. I do have WT 1 & 2 and I have WWE, so feel free to shoot me detailed questions if you'd like me to look anything specific up.


I used WT only as a writing program w/o tossing the other grammar or spelling programs we were doing. While I can provide info. on WT that can be looked up in the books and I've read through both levels, I only used WT1 for about 2 months, so ymmv.

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WWE and WT are based on the same philosophy, but WT is what would come after WWE.


With WT you retell the whole story instead of summarize it. It also has spelling, grammar, dictation and copywork.


I think you would do fine with WT, but you would want to continue to work on summaries. WT is supposed to come out with a Homer level and if it works on the same skills as CW does at the Homer level it will work on summarizing. The goal being basically a book report. In CW Homer you start by breaking the model into acts and scenes. You identify the essential material and the non-essential, then you summarize the essential, working your way up from paragraph, to scene to act. The end result being a paragraph summary of each scene of only the most important details.


It is one of those things where they way it is explained and broken down might work better for him, because CW is more concrete, but then again he might continue to struggle to put his thoughts into words.


With my girl who struggles I start every time with, "Who was the main character?" and follow it up with, "What did they do?" Then I ask her put that into a sentence. She at times also struggles to pull the correct information out and put it into words.



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