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Common App-MidYear Report questions--


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We are going over the Midyear Report. On the first page (Applicant ) it asks to list Current Year courses.


This info was submitted on the regular (long) Common App just three weeks ago by my daughter. It seems redundant for her to re-write last semester's classes (in column 1) on this form, all over again. Should she just fill out the center column, which is the courses she will be taking in January? Also, in that same column, how on earth do you list a college class, with credits, etc on that line? For example my D will be taking Anthropology. Should she write "Anthropology ANT2000 3 cr hrs" on the line, or should she instead call it a high school 1.0 credit hr, or what????


Next page, Background Information. This is for me to fill out. Some of it doesn't apply, and some of it has changed (GPA). So I guess I put that in, right, and leave everything else blank? Or do I rate my D first in a class of one (joke joke)?


Then, can I put a few of my own words in to describe my child? I have three positives and one--well, I won't call it a negative, it's just an "up front" detail to let them know that I am not completely biased in evaluating my daughter. The phrase is "occasionally impatient". Should I include that?


Then, lower, is the ratings. Of course I, Mom, think my D is golden, but let's face it, she's not at the top of mountain compared to those who have perfect SAT scores--her tests clearly show that--so how do I rate her, fairly?



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