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math Lab- any tips?

Guest jhill779

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Guest jhill779

I would like to just do a daily Math Lab with both my 1st and 4th grader just going over the basic stuff. Inverse operations (add/sub) (multi/div), telling time, fractions, place value, rounding, decimals etc. And then of course do one on one time with harder operations.

I REALLy like how programs like All About Spelling and Saxon do a methodical review or 'meeting' time where the basics are addressed.


We are also doing Classical Conversations this year so Im really thriving with the way these programs do rote memorization and review of the same basics every day where its just given to you in tidbits but it enables you to touch base on certain things every day and in a quick way. (does that make sense)

Anyway, Im guess Im just curious what others do in the form of a math lab. I need some ideas to divise my own little "meeting" time before in depth math lessons.

Im thinking doing an out loud recitation of skip counting, multi. facts, certain formulas, place value, money values, calendar work etc.



((Im currently switching our math programs to rightstart for 4th grader and saxon for 1st grader just to test it out. These scripted curriculums should be good for us, I was using singapore and I just need more instruction.))

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