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I am so excited. Our 4-H club has registered for a National Model Rocketry Contest!

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We'll be competing for a trip to Washington D.C. for a national fly-in there and if we finish in the top teams, an all-expense paid trip to Paris for an international fly-in.


We are really geeked about it but you would not believe what my 13 year old said.....let me set the stage for you.


Ds wrote a short story for 4-H competition this year. It was WWII historical fiction memoir of a French spy. In order to make it feel more authentic, he wanted to insert some French phrases here and there and since I was very, very busy helping a lot of kids with their 4-H projects, I introduced ds to an online English/French translator (not babbelfish) and let him happily write instead of coaching him from the dregs of my memories of college French.


So, this is what he said, "Good! I hope we win so I can use the one French phrase I remember. Je suis un espion!"


Translation - I am a spy.


Yup, that's just exactly what I really want you to say as we pass through customs!


Good night! What possesses kids? We haven't even got to phase one of the contest and I already have a foreboding sense of international incident on the horizon!



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