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Virus protection, Kapersky? Something else?

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So, I started this poll yesterday about virus protection. So far I have heard nightmares about AVG, Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro

So, I wanted to ask specifically about Kapersky. I haven't read anything yet saying anyone got viruses while using Kapersky. Opinions?

Feel free to plug another program if you think it worthy. :-)

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We've had it for about a year and a half and it has done well but we also use Spybot with it as we don't like to rely on just one anit virus product. On my computer we have Comodo. My son recommended it after his computer geeks told him about it. They say it is almost impossible to hack into and it is free. We did have it on Dh computer but for some reason it wouldn't allow us to download the updates any longer. We didn't experience that problem with my computer and we've had it on mine for at least 3 years with great results. When we realized we would have to buy one we chose Kapersky again partly on son's friends recommendation and after searching the reviews on the internet. We had had Norton at one time and was not impressed and we had heard a lot of negative feedback about MacAfee.

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