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Tell me about VEOH for watching movies - anyone heard of this?

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I did a google search for videos about Horatio Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar and this website popped up:




They showed a 5 minute preview of a 45 minute video about Nelson and then prompted me to download their video player. It says it's all FREE - sounds great - but I don't want to download a virus or something that is going to flood me with advertisements.


Anyone have a clue whether they are legit and worth it?

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Most of what Veoh has is copyrighted material hosted illegally (such as television shows and movies). It's not exactly something you'd want to use.


I don't think watching a streaming site is illegal (I think it's illegal for them to host it - not for you to watch it), but still, it's something to consider.


I don't think the website gives viruses, but sites like that do have a tendency to have unsafe advertisements that will give you viruses.

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