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Is it just her age?

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So this year I decided to switch to a modified workbox system. DD and I both LOVE it! It has been amazing for both of us. I decided to also do some for DD3.5. She goes to preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I thought she could do "school" with us on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. She LOVES it! But, she loves it so much that she rushes through it all to get to the next thing. She doesn't spend any time enjoying the activity she's doing right now, because she's so focused on getting to the next one. Then, she's disappointed when she's done (she has 8 boxes).


Any suggestions on getting her to slow down and enjoy the activity in front of her? Or is it just the fact that she's 3? Some examples of the activities we did today:


Shaving cream on a tray (she spent less than 5 min doing this)

Coloring sheet

Magnetic letters on a magnetic board

Dry erase letter board (trace the letters with your marker - she actually spent the most time on this one)


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You could also assign a time at which each activity starts.


Box 1 starts when big sister is doing math. Box 2 starts when big sister is doing spelling ..... Or Box 1 can be opened at 8:30. Box 2 can be opened at 8:45. You can play with box 1 for as long as you want, but if you finish early, you need to find something quiet to do.


I am currently trying to get my dd to slow down on her things too - I can't entertain a pre-schooler while doing school with a 2nd grader. She is starting to VERY SLOWLY figure it out. :tongue_smilie: Her go to things are going up to her room to play with her toys or to play with our math manipulatives in the kitchen. Now I just need to figure out how to get her to pick up her mess without a fit. ;)

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