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Need fun activities (science or other)


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My dd really enjoys "cool" activities and a lot of times when I find something fun and educational, it leads to a lot of exploration and learnings. For example, we recently found some monarch caterpillars in our yard and brought them inside and got to see the whole process of them becoming butterflies.


So I'm looking for suggestions along those lines. Perhaps things like getting old electronics/machines at a garage sale and taking them apart. Or getting a compass and learning how to use it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Get a hunk of dry ice at the grocery store and go to town. Set out dishwashing soap, bubble solution, water, regular ice, and the dry ice, and just let your dd play with mixing different amounts of each into plastic cups and seeing what happens. Melt dry ice and a regular ice cube in a pan or on a plate you've warmed up in the microwave and compare what happens to each.


Get out all kinds of liquids from the kitchen cabinet and see how many layers you can make in a clear, tall bottle-type container. See whether you can make things float between layers: a penny, a cork, a paper clip...


Get a slime kit. Highly recommended!


The book Exploratopia by the San Francisco Exploratorium Museum is full of easy things to do at home or out in the open. One of our favorites was to extract iron from beach sand with a magnet in a plastic bag. We also chose one sunny day and had my daughter stand in the same place in the driveway, facing the same way, every hour on the dot, while I traced her shadow in colored chalk. There are lots of things like this in the book.

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