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What is the difference between Mr. Reed's cd's and the DIVE cd's?

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Can someone tell me the difference between the two cd's? I own the DIVE cd for Saxon Alg 2. I was just wondering if Mr. Reed's cd's would be better. I watched the sample video and the only thing I saw different was that there was actually someone there teaching on a white board. It didn't really look to be any different.


Can someone explain what the difference--if there is any?


Ds needs help in math and I am trying to find something that works. I do not and can not keep spending money on products that teach the same thing.

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I haven't seen the DIVE CD's but I have seen Saxon Teacher and Mr. Reed's Mastering Math DVD's. Saxon Teacher is straight out of the book -a female voice reads most of what is written in the text and uses the same examples from the book. You don't see a person, just writing on the screen. Mr. Reed (in person with a whiteboard behind him) summarizes the teaching and uses different examples than the book. His lessons follow the lessons of the text (same lesson taught as the book) but not the same format. Sometimes he gives examples of when one might use the information learned or explains a possible short-cut. Mr. Reed's lessons are between 5-11 minutes long. He is personable and friendly on the DVD and quick to contact you by e-mal if you have questions. We actually use both as my daughter is an auditory learner. We listen to the Saxon Teacher CD-ROM, then we go watch "Grandpa," as she calls him (fondly). It makes the lesson take longer but she is getting 100% on nearly every test. Let me know if you have more specific questions that I may address.



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