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Guest ME-Mommy

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Guest ME-Mommy

Apparently the owner of the one and only Apologia Physical Science group on Yahoo has abandoned the group...there have only been 4 messages this year. :( New members are not getting approved, messages aren't being moderated...it's a real mess.


So, after some thought and prayer, I have decided to start a new group.


The address to subscribe is:




I'm just getting Files set up...so there isn't any content yet. I'm going to be working out of the 1st Edition.


If anyone has 2nd Edition files kicking around and would like to share, I'd be very grateful. :)


I'm guessing that I'll be allowing the resale of Apologia materials as well.


Also, if anyone is interested in becoming a co-moderator, please contact me privately.




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Guest ME-Mommy



I have several schedules uploaded for both editions...


I am going to be working on OYO questions, Module Summaries, etc. for First Edition.


I'm hoping someone might help me out with Second Edition.


Does anyone have any pictures of their child/children doing experiments that they'd be willing to share??



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