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Strayer Upton?

Amy loves Bud

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There was bit of buzz about this a year or so ago. I'm wondering if anyone has used it and what the results have been?


I'm thinking of doubling back and using it with DD10. She is trucking through MUS Epsilon, and gets concepts fine, but I feel like her mastery of facts and therefore speed is an issue. (Speed is an issue with everything, but the fact thing just amplifies it.)


I'm thinking since she is pretty far along with MUS, we might stop, spend two years going through the first 2 SU books (I know that's four years of work, but really most of it will be review at this point), and then jumping back into MUS before we hit prealgebra.


Any thoughts?

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I used this with my ds13. He did Practical Arithmetic Bk 1 during his 4th grade year. We went quickly through the first half of Bk 1 since it was mostly review for my ds but then slowed down considerably for the second half which covered 4th grade math. Then we spread Bk 2 (5th-6th grade) over the next two years. He did well with it and I believe it helped him to slow down and focus on the basics. This past year, he worked through the beginning modules of Systematic Math and has not had any problems.


I think you could easily work your way through both books in two years as a good review.


HTH's :001_smile:

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