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(whispering) it's 10:35, & 9yo's still up...

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w/ a stack of 5 encyclopedias in front of him, open to different pp. He's reading about the International Date Line. I gave it a guess & directed him to the encyclopedias.


He came back 15min later, complaining. "I've read through TWO of those books now, and they were BOTH nothing but As." :glare:




So I showed him how to use them, & he's all goggle-eyed & enthralled. And it hasn't occurred to him yet that he doesn't have to be reading them. That, or he's enjoying it. :001_huh: :lol:

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Awww. I love it! Bless his heart. I also loved to read books late into the night (yup, encyclopedias too) when I was a kid. :)


He's done now. And young enough that I've convinced him that by crossing back & forth, he'd technically be a "time traveler."


His eyes are wide now, & he (my not-talker) is dreaming 90m/hr.


"Wow. Someone should invent something that would go faster than the speed of light. I'm pretty sure it WOULD take you back in time. You know? Wouldn't it? Mama?"


7yo (yeah, she's up, too): "Why don't you, J? You're an inventor."


9yo: "I don't have anything, G. All I have is wood." (He also wants to invent a conveyor belt to do something w/ sausage. Or maybe bacon, I don't remember.) :lol:

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