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another frog question...help!

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my kids have been on an adventure away visiting with family, giving mom and dad a little "us" time...very nice...however...


THEY MANAGED TO CAPTURE TWO FROGS AND SEVERAL TADPOLES. ugh. now what? i am not into keeping wild animals, but i did tell them that they could keep them for a bit to observe. we have a ten-gallon tank and a couple of critter cages. what do i need to do to help them survive? i'd like to make them let the frogs go and just keep the tads, but i don't know if they'll agree to that.


my question is what to do about the frogs, not my kids! :lol: just thought i'd clarify!

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Guest janainaz

We have frogs, lizards, tadpoles, our very own zoo here.



We have a few tanks. We have one water tank for tadpoles, one for the little tiny frogs that just has rocks and a big water dish, and we have one aquarium tank with a filter (my husband called it a turtler filter?). It drips water from the top and keeps it moving. The rocks are all piled high on one side and the water is deep enough for them to swim in on the other side. He's got some floating plant ball things (apparently, they have no purpose?). I wish I had more technical info., but the reptiles are not my thing.


He feeds the big ones golfish feeders and the small ones he feeds little crickets. It all just depends how big the frogs are. :001_smile:

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