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Eliana or anyone else who has used Vocab fr. cl. roots- questions


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Yesterday I posted a question in regards to my ds9: to continue SWR or not (he is a natural speller). Eliana put an idea in my head to do a vocab program instead. So.... I was looking at the Vocabulary from Classical Roots series and have some questions:


1. How much time do you spend with this per day?

2. When did you start using them?

3. Is the TM necessary for Level 5?

3. Are you using them in lieu of Latin and/or Greek?

(I'm planning on starting Latin in a few years (probably when ds is in 6th or 7th grade- just wondering if this might be a good "bridge" until then).

4. I can see the benefits of doing some "structured" vocab- but wonder if it isn't overkill- especially since we will get to Latin in a few years (we most likely won't do Greek). Thoughts?



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