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Biology help needed please...

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Hi Ladies,


I'm wondering if anyone here has used the CLP Biology text titled _Biology:Search for Order in Complexity_ either with or without the Castle Heights Press Biology Manual?!?


I'm really stumped on this one. My son will be going into 10th and this year has used Abeka 9th Physical Science and absolutely loves it. I was 99% sure I was going to switch to Apologia Biology, mainly due to the ease of labs and lab kit from Home Training Tools, but after reading the posts here, I'm not so sure now.


BJU is not in my price range and I really don't want to go secular on this subject. Would CLP's or Abeka's Biology texts along with a lab manual be doable for this time-stretched mom?


Any advice?





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I hope that the Abeka Biology text and Castle Height Lab will be doable because that is probably what I'll be doing with my 10th grader next year. I already own the CH lab manual. It can be easily used with any biology course IMHO. I think you could even use it with Apologia if you didn't want to use Apologia's labs.



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