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EPGY BKM question


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Hi Everyone,

My DD11 started EPGY this week (thanks Melissa!), and everything is going very well. Question for users out there, as I recall seeing a related thread on this prior, but can't find it now. FYI: We use EPGY as a supplement, as they attend PS, so in that context. These questions pertain primarily to math.


1) Does your DC only do the 20min default programmed time each time? or do you have your DC work longer periods, or double sessions?


2) Do you know whether the number of problems you get within the 20min is a function of how fast one works through the problems? (which then relates to how fast your DC will get through the curriculum


3) Is it important to have your DC listen to the lecturer, or do you mute the sound and just do the problems? (it seems faster that way, but then, perhaps you are missing out?)


2) Assuming your DC is doing well with 80%+ scores, does 20min 5-6x per week, how many months will it take for one to complete 5th grade, or 6th grade math?


I think that is it for now. Just curious to know from veteran users. thanks!

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DS5 did more than one session early on. He started at the K level and would do 3-4 sessions a day when we started as it was way too easy for him. Now that he is at almost 3rd grade lvl he typically only does 1 session a day most days.


He has had some sessions complete in less than 20 mins when he was answering a lot of questions. Now he answers anywhere from 16-30 questions depending on his focus lvl that day.


The progressions depends on whether they get them right 1st try, 2nd try, or not at all. I know when he answers incorrectly he gets more of the same type of problem than if he answers them right the 1st time.


With new topics it does seem to help DS to listen to the lecturer. If it's something he knows he just reads it himself and answers while they are still talking.


I have no clue on 5th/6th grade but he completed K-2 (at 2.92 now) in less than 2 months.

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1 - We did all EPGY math courses and had great success.

My child did the minimum daily requirement of 20 minutes or whatever and then if they wanted I would let them go on. But, remember the rule is to stop before they want to stop so that they keep on enjoying it.


2 - I had two kids do EPGY and both had different courses, tailored to how they answered. I know one kid would do 120 questions in a day and the other would do 80 and they would be at the same point at the end of the day.


3 - We always listened to the lectures and I had my kids write the title and notes in their notebook each time.


4 - We finished all courses except 2 high school ones within the 3 months.

Good luck!

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